Creators and Readers, Retailers and Comic Lovers of every stripe – welcome to the NEW ComiXpress!
Since I first took my background in digital printing and put it to good use by printing my own comics way back in 2003. … Since I started printing my friends and associates comics in small, affordable batches as they had the need for them. … Since I said to myself, “Y’know, Self, there are a lot of other cartoonists who could benefit from something like this … maybe we should put together a website …” in the early days of 2004. … Since the LAST time the indie comics family as a whole sat up and said, “Wait … what? You can DO it like that?”. … Since then, every day has been just another step on the road to Today.
Today, in an atmosphere where indie, self-publishing and small press comic creators find themselves facing new hurdles in getting their work into the hands of their readers. … Today, as indie-friendly comic shops find their options limited to more “mainstream tastes” despite their unswerving desire to support the creative spark they recognize as the life blood of our beloved industry. … Today, when options seem fewer than ever, there IS an alternative.
By combining the unprecedented flexibility that print on demand offers, indie comic creators can easily supply indie-friendly comic shops with their books. No print overruns, no back issue shortages. Stores can now order any quantity of any book in an ever-growing online catalog of incredible indie comics, and have those books on their shelves inside of a week. And we here at ComiXpress couldn’t be more proud to be at the forefront of this new era of indie comics once again.

To quote Agent Mansley from The Iron Giant, “We live in a strange and wondrous time: the Atomic Age!”

Logan DeAngelis

Chief Cook & Bottle Washer, ComiXpress

October 23, 2009