Scattered Comics is an indie comic publisher located in Sacramento, California. Established by Jason Dube, Scattered publishes comics that have a broad range of genres and appeal to all age groups. Here are a few of those titles available here at Comixpress.

Caffeine Poisoned #4

Caffeine Poisoned #4

“Panda Days”: Introduces Panda, the name of a sweet and adorable girl who has two problems; she is constantly being attacked by random ninjas; the other problem is nobody can see them but her. This light-hearted comedy is loved by kids, but treasured by teens.

“Scattered”: A dark supernatural comic about 4 teenage strangers who are thrown together to explore the spirit world.  Combining elements of different religions, cultures, and teenage angst weaved together into a dramatic epic.

“Waiting For Something To Happen”: A comic about a girl who finds herself stuck in a life that she is dissatisfied with on all points. It is a dark comedy that everyone will be able to relate to in one way or another, whether you are forced to work at a job you hate, you’re unhappy about certain aspects of yourself, or if you are simply waiting for something more exciting to happen. It is reality, but one that can be laughed at.

“Nighxa”: A touching drama between orphaned kids and the alternate world that they cross over called the Nighxa plains. It’s a story of both tragedy and wonderment.

“Caffeine Poisoned”: Ever had trouble sleeping? How about not sleeping a wink for the last 12 years?! Meet Jason who has that exact problem, and worse than that… his waking dreams materialize into our world and run wild! Working in a 24-hour coffee shop, Jason must deal with the insanity of the coffee-drinking crowd, and at the same time battle to control his physical dreams.

And now Scattered Comics is preparing to release the final issue of Caffeine Poisoned. With the popularity of the comic being so strong, Scattered Comics promises to bring the series finale out with a bang. If you haven’t been following the series, now is a great time to catch up and order the first 3 issues here at Comixpress.

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