12 Way with Cheese

12 Way with Cheese

It’s not what you think, sonny. Get your mind out of the gutter!

In the fast food slang of Cincinnati, Ohio, a three-way consists of spaghetti, chili, and shredded cheese. In a four-way, you add beans, a five-way; onions, etc. When a dozen Cincinnati artists get together to jam, you wind up with a Twelve-Way with Cheese (lots of cheese.) It’s a full color comic anthology premiering this month at ComiXpress.

The Zombie Marge Comix Group consists of Brennan Bradford, Bruce Chrislip, Daryll Collins, Jerry Dowling, Tim Fuller, Brian Hagen, David Hartz, Woodrow J. Hinton III, Bob Kahnman, Darcy Vorhees, Christina Wald and Viki Woodworth, and a foreword by Justin Green.

The book features a wide array of subject matter and styles, with a large helping of humor thrown in for good measure. It contains autobiographical strips, funny animals, comic book parodies, horror stories, the true story of Bazooka Joe and the tale of Cincinnati’s real-life “superhero” ShadowHare (look him up!) And for some strange reason, zombies keep popping up. It’s all hosted by “lovable” Ol’ Zombie Marge herself.

Sorry kids, Twelve-Way with Cheese is a Mature Reader title. Ingredients include zombies, political satire, a disrespectful, irreverent attitude toward public figures, adults doin’ the hibbity-gibbity, potty-mouthed talking critters and more zombies!

Twelve-Way with Cheese is available now for the incredibly low, low price of $20.

So pull up a seat and enjoy a steaming helping of Twelve-Way today. You’ll be glad you did!