Cerebus TV Returns!

Cerebus TV Returns!

CEREBUS TV SEASON 2 PREMIERE: “How I Almost Once Worked With Harvey Pekar”

Cerebus TV Season 2 Premiere Episode will be showing from  Friday October 22nd at 10pm EST at CerebusTV.com

Dave Sim says:-

“When Harvey Pekar died this past summer, I knew I wanted to do a piece called ‘How I Almost Worked with Harvey Pekar Once’ for CEREBUS TV.  The story start with Diana Schutz, then backtracks to the Creator’s Bill of Rights in 1998, a panel I did with Harvey and Jim Woodring in 2005… television is about stripped a story down to its bare essentials, but this story just kept getting bigger… and eventually led to the decision to make the September 24th signing at STRANGE ADVENTURES Dave Sim’s Last Signing…. which I explain on the show which is now the One-Hour SECOND SEASON PREMIERE of CEREBUS TV.”

How did ALMOST working with Harvey Pekar once — and even getting as far as doing an AMERICAN SPLENDOR cover featuring Sim, Pekar and Chester Brown — lead to Dave Sim’s Last Signing?  Tune in Friday October 22nd at 10pm EST at CerebusTV.com and find out!

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