ComiXpress offices, located in Bergen County New Jersey, suffered minor structural damages in the wake of Hurricane Irene this Saturday and a loss of electrical power on Sunday. PSE&G (New Jersey’s electric company) has offered no estimate regarding when we can expect our power returned but we hope to be back up and knocking out the comics as soon as possible!

Thanks for your understanding as we deal with this,
The ComiXpress Team

UPDATE: Power has been restored to our offices as of Tuesday, August 30. We’re already tearing into the books, and appreciate your patience during this difficult time.

UPDATE 2, Thursday September 1st: Sporadic power outages have continued in our area since it was returned on Tuesday. We have been told that a permanent fix will be in place this weekend, and in the meantime we’ve been in full production mode as long as the lights are on! Again, our thanks for your continued patience.