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So … what’s a ComiXpress?

ComiXpress is a short run, print-on-demand company whose mission is to give indie and self-publishing comic creators the opportunity to print the highest quality comics at low prices with no minimum quantities. Using the best of today’s printing technologies available through our services, a self publishing comic creator can print his or her books as they need them in quantities they know they can sell. The days of minimum print runs in the thousands are gone, and we’re proud to be leading this revolution in the way comics are made.

Founded in 2003 by Logan DeAngelis, a cartoonist with a background in prepress and digital file preparation, ComiXpress started as a way for Logan to print his own self-published comics as well as those of his friends. When this service was made available to other comic creators in 2004 it was embraced by a world of indie creators who recognized a system suited to their needs such as this.

We aren’t a pre-existing print shop that decided to target comic books as a way to pay the bills. Everyone who works for ComiXpress is either a comic book creator, reader or lifetime fan of the industry. We really care about every book we print, and we feel that shows in the quality and attention to detail we put into every title.

Our Prepress Team, actively led by the President of the company, has over 40 years of combined experience in Digital File Prep and printing on both offset and digital presses. We’re always happy to offer guidance, help and instructions for creators as they are preparing their first books. But by the same token we certainly don’t expect every artist to have a vast in depth knowledge of this end of the business. So if you need our services in that regard, we have the experience to handle any trouble file you might need fixed.

We use a number of different high-end digital presses to print our comics, always utilizing the right machine to suit each individual book. Our book’s colors are vibrant, our blacks rich, and the quality of our grayscale tones has to be seen to be believed. Our paper stocks have been carefully chosen to match the feel of traditional offset printed indie comics.

The ComiXpress finishing department is just as exacting in its work as we are with the rest of the process. Our stapled comics are bound with attention to each copy, not in an assembly-line automated fashion, and trimmed in small batches so each cut is precise. And our Trade Paperbacks are scored, glued and bound on professional, industrial binding equipment.

Last but certainly not least is our dedicated Customer Service department. The front line of customer care, their attentiveness has been the subject of much deserved praise through the years. No one works harder for the Creator and their works than Jodi and her crew to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

From seasoned comics veterans who need a short run of a book with a limited edition cover, to the greenest creator collecting his first pages to print, and everything in between, ComiXpress treats each book as if it were our own because in many ways, it is. It not only reflects upon us and our quality, but on our dedication to the creators who trust us with their work, and our love of the medium.