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This week ComiXpress was proud to add a number of titles from ECV Press to our online store. They’re some top quality books from a great bunch of folks. ECV President Ben Schwartz gave us the skinny:REEGO01_cvr

Welcome to ECV Press! Empire’s Comics Vault Press is a Sacramento, Ca, based small press publisher that works hard to bring you some of the best in indy comics. Whether you are looking for hardcore science fiction or mystic adventures in a world not quite our own we have what you are looking for.  Our variety in characters, settings, genres and art styles will surprise you.

RELIC & EGO, THE HUNTERS, TRIAD, LITTLE KORI IN KOMALAND and THE CONTINUUM are currently our 5 core books that define The Continuum Universe. Despite the differences in each title you can count on the fact that anything you read in any of our publications or in any of our webcomics will all be part of the same world. Continuity is very important to us as we know it is to our readers.

Check out all that ECV has to offer now!

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The Underburbs has been one of the most popular titles here at ComiXpress, and for good reason: Joe Haley and TJ Dort have crafted a fun, funky, original book that looks great and is often laugh-out-loud funny. Couple that with the fact that these are dedicated creators who consistently knock out issue after issue and people start to take notice.

Tonight on the new episode of Cerebus TV, Dave Sim will be featuring The Underburbs in what promises to be an interesting look at the series. I hope you’ll join us for the show!

CerebusTV Episode 10 premiers tonight at 10pm at

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icbw_comixpressHave you heard about Indy Comic Book Week? Diamond Comics Distributors will not be shipping new comics for the last week in December to retail comic shops. In response, a number of Indy Comic Creators decided to band together, using this as a call to action, a way to galvanize other Indy and self-publishing comic creators, and created This is a great group of creators we had the pleasure of meeting at SPX, and a fantastic event that we here at ComiXpress are thrilled to be able to support with the Indy Comic Book Week discount:

Starting today, any Creator placing a new print order or reorder for their comic book or trade paperback will receive 10% off the books on that order! All you need to do is mention “Indy Comic Book Week” in your order form and your discount will be applied when your books are invoiced. There are no minimum orders, and this discount is available for any print order placed during the month of December, so yes a single Creator can take advantage of this offer multiple times if they place multiple print orders over the course of the month! Ship dates on these orders will be calculated based upon when the order is placed, so if you need books in-hand for Indy Comic Book Week itself, please allow for ship times and make sure your ship date is set correctly when you place your print order. Discounts apply to new orders placed during the month of December and cannot be applied retroactively, and can’t be combined with any other discount or special offers. And don’t forget to mention “Indy Comic Book Week” when you place your print order to get your discount!

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GPUSS01_cvrSStarting today, all back issues of Dave Sim’s Glamourpuss are now available at ComiXpress!

High fashion meets comic book photorealism with just a touch of obsession over the technical stuff, Glamourpuss is one of a kind. And now thanks to the beauty of Print On Demand and ComiXpress’ New Direct Market system, those back issues will never be out of stock again!

Visit the Aardvark-Vanaheim Publishers Page for a complete listing of available issues. Because those other comics you’ve been reading are so last season!

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blambot_nov09Blambot goes Two-Fisted for election day font fun!

Comic book font guru Nate Piekos has released two new fonts for November with both sound effects flare and a nod to classic political cartoon lettering. From BLAMBOT’s homepage:

TWO FISTED is the new Pay font! An updated version of one of Nate’s custom SFX fonts! Comes w/ Regular, Italic, Alt, & Alt Italic — w/ FOUR variations of each letter!

RED STATE, BLUE STATE is the new Free font! Inspired by the lettering of political cartoons, this font family is out on the campaign trail and promises no new taxes! Regular, Italic and Bold.

Get ‘em while they’re hot at!

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