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Since 2004, ComiXpress has been proud to be the creator's choice for short-run print on demand comics and trade paperbacks.

Founded by comic creators to serve the indie, self-publishing and small-press comic community, we offer only the highest quality printing, backed by years of extensive pre-press and design knowledge.

Whether you're a beginning creator bringng your first book to print, a seasoned veteran in need of a specialty print run, a reader looking for great new comics or an indie-friendly comic shop looking to stock some of the best new work around, ComiXpress is here to serve YOU!
Welcome to ComiXpress!

Customer Service and Billing are currently experiencing internet problems. Sorry for any inconvenience, and we’ll get back to everyone as quickly as possible!

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Our good friends at Blambot Comic Fonts have introduced a new font today: Saving Lives. A new Limited Edition font, proceeds from the sale of Saving Lives will benefit the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.

This font is only available from April 11 – 25 so get yourself a copy of this Limited Edition typeface and do your part today!

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ZTRAM02_cvrThose are probably the first words that come to mind when I think about Dan Mendoza’s comic Zombie Tramp. And it looks like the folks at ComicMonsters.com agree with us because they just posted a great review of Dan’s Zombie Tramp issue 2!

Check out their review here, and do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of some of Dan’s work in the ComiXpress Store.

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This week ComiXpress was proud to add a number of titles from ECV Press to our online store. They’re some top quality books from a great bunch of folks. ECV President Ben Schwartz gave us the skinny:REEGO01_cvr

Welcome to ECV Press! Empire’s Comics Vault Press is a Sacramento, Ca, based small press publisher that works hard to bring you some of the best in indy comics. Whether you are looking for hardcore science fiction or mystic adventures in a world not quite our own we have what you are looking for.  Our variety in characters, settings, genres and art styles will surprise you.

RELIC & EGO, THE HUNTERS, TRIAD, LITTLE KORI IN KOMALAND and THE CONTINUUM are currently our 5 core books that define The Continuum Universe. Despite the differences in each title you can count on the fact that anything you read in any of our publications or in any of our webcomics will all be part of the same world. Continuity is very important to us as we know it is to our readers.

Check out all that ECV has to offer now!

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Looks like we’re enjoying a bit of Luck-o-the-Irish here! Power was restored to the grid including the ComiXpress Offices sometime overnight, and we’re back in business! We obviously have a lot to wade through today, including emails, printing, digital production and more – but everyone here is planning 25 hour work-days until things get back on track.

Thanks again to everyone for their patience and understanding during this unfortunate time.

Okay, in the words of Adam West: “Atomic batteries to power! Turbines to speed!”

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