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NO minimum orders.

NO books ever go out of stock.

NO months-long wait for your orders to be filled.

An alternative comics distribution system, custom made to support indie creators and the store that love them?
Welcome to revolution 2.0.

Since we first opened our doors in 2004, ComiXpress has been happy to drop-ship books for the Creators we work with to both comic shops and to the warehouses of big name comic book distributors. With the recent changes to minimum orders for comics through those large distribution companies, our wing of the industry has needed once again to change and adapt. Today, ComiXpress is proud to welcome our brick-and-mortar comic shop brethren to the next step in indie, self-published and small press comics distribution.

How does that work?

It couldn't be easier! ComiXpress already has an Online Store with more than 1,200 comics listed. With our introduction of the next step in Direct Market Distribution, Retailers can now order those comics which have a Retailer Price listed. No such things as back issues going out of stock, no pre-orders from a giant catalog where the comics are half-buried between t-shirts and action figures, and no waiting months for your order to arrive. Orders of all Stapled comics ship within one week, and orders including Trade Paperbacks ship within two weeks.

Sounds great, sign me up!

When a comic book reseller signs up for a Retailer Account, there is a quick Authorization process where we first confirm your email address, and then where we need to receive a copy of your Certificate of Resale via either FAX or by snail mailing us a copy. Once we have confirmed this, your account accesses those books in the ComiXpress Online Store which have been set up for Retailer Pricing. In addition, authorized Retailers will gain access to unique aspects of the site through their own Retailer panel.

Discounts, from the Creator to YOU!

Creator, Printer and Retailer: We're all in this together! ComiXpress guarantees Retailers a base 35% discount off of Cover Price for all titles we offer through our Distribution Service, and Creators have the flexibility to adjust that discount to offer even greater incentives for Retailers to carry their books.

And ComiXpress picks up the Shipping.

Retailers within the continental United States will receive FREE SHIPPING, courtesy of ComiXpress! NO MINIMUM ORDER REQUIRED!